What is Glue42 Enterprise?

General Overview

What is Glue42 Enterprise?

Glue42 Enterprise is a real-time user interface (UI) integration platform. Applications are combined at the user interface level to provide a better user experience (UX). UI integration makes it easier for users to access the right data and functionality at the right time and also reduce the number of times they need to copy/paste their way between one application and another. The objective of Glue42 Enterprise is therefore to provide intuitive paths from one function to the next, in order to deliver business outcomes quickly and reliably. Glue42 Enterprise allows developers to connect to any (legacy, 3rd party or modern) web or desktop application and have multiple apps interact with each other in real time.

Glue42 Enterprise offers Connectors for connecting Microsoft Office and other products to web and desktop applications.

See also our Glue42 Core project - the world's first open source integration platform for web applications! The Glue42 Core source code is available on GitHub.

Why UI integration?

The challenge faced by users

Mobile and web apps have proven that user interface (UI) design is a vital component of software development. User experience (UX), however, is not about how pretty an application is, but rather how easy it is to use in conjunction with other applications and data sources. Is the information a user needs at their fingertips? Is it easy to do everyday tasks or is the process lengthy, complex and cumbersome? The companies that have pioneered user experience centric design have had great success and everyone else is running to catch up.

UX has often been a secondary consideration for in-house applications - or at least in-house teams do not have the resources of Apple or Google to devote to UX. Coupled with this is the fact that users depend on not one, but multiple applications to do their jobs successfully. While ALT+TAB has gotten better over the years and window snapping has made it easier to place apps side by side, the average user still faces a huge challenge when working with data across multiple applications.

One solution is to migrate desktop legacy apps to web applications that can pull data from many different databases and offer a variety of views. This is not always practical as legacy apps are often hard to migrate without a significant expenditure and disruption. Secondly, there are many 3rd party apps that simply cannot be migrated but are still critical, such as MS Office or Salesforce. And what about in-house developed web and mobile apps? How can they be easily integrated with the legacy apps without significant work?

Another solution is to use workflow services. This allows a quick DIY approach to syncing data between (web) applications, but these services have significant drawbacks. The integrations are quite limited and there are significant delays (sometimes minutes) after a trigger is fired in one app to when it appears in the connected app. Glue42 Enterprise offers a way to improve this situation through UX Integration that is powered by a high performance real-time messaging infrastructure.

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