Glue42 Desktop

Release date: 31.03.2020

New Features

New Glue42 Toolbar with a new look and improved functionalities.

Summary Metrics added.

Additions to the .NET Window Management API.

JavaScript Intents API added.

JavaScript Displays API added.

Logging to files from JavaScript apps through the Logger API added.

Support for FDC3 Standards added.

Support for Flash Plugins added.

A default global layout added.

Option to prevent page refresh added.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Glue42 Enterprise upgraded with Electron 7.

Added the version of the Glue42 JavaScript library to the Applications View.

You can now register asynchronous Interop methods directly with the glue.interop.register() method.

Improvements related to Process Reuse.

Improvements related to the arguments passed to the method.

Fixes related to better handling of apps after resuming the OS from sleep.

Glue42 Connectors

New Features

Added support for the Bloomberg Market Data service in the Bloomberg Connector.