Here you can find links to our examples in GitHub. These implementations are for showcase and testing purposes and demonstrate various Glue42 Enterprise functionalities within different technology environments. Checkout the respective repositories and experiment firsthand with the many cool features of Glue42 Enterprise!


JavaScript Examples Repository

  • Application Management Example
  • Interop Example
  • Shared Contexts Example
  • Streaming Example
  • BBG Worksheet Demo


.NET Examples Repository

  • Application Management Example
  • Interop Example
  • WPF Sticky Window Example
  • Shared Contexts Example
  • Notifications Example
  • Interop Streaming Example


Java Examples Repository - Coming Soon


Angular Examples Repository

  • Full demo application example
  • Application Management Example
  • Interop Example
  • Glue42 Window Example
  • Layouts Example
  • Notifications Example
  • Window Management Example

Other Examples

  • Glue42 Enterprise Toolbar Demo - The Glue42 Enterprise Toolbar is an application hub and an entry point, which allows the user to start other apps, save or load workspaces, change themes, manage notifications and settings. The Glue42 Enterprise Demo Toolbar is a web application that can be modified or entirely replaced by a custom implementation.

  • App Directory Simple Server - A simple REST server that implements the FDC3 App directory and is compatible with Glue42 Enterprise. This example shows how to set up Glue42 Enterprise to retrieve the application configuration settings remotely from a server.

  • Layouts Store Simple Server - A simple REST server, which acts as a remote layouts store. You can use this example to test fetching layout files to Glue42 Enterprise from a remote REST service.

  • Extensions Example - This repo includes functioning extension examples, as well as an extension template for creating and adding your own extensions to web-based apps hosted in Glue42 Enterprise.

  • Testing Example - Here you can get an example web app and tests, which you can use to learn how to test your app within the Glue42 framework.