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Glue42 Desktop

Release date: 13.11.2023

Components Version
Electron 26.2.4
Chromium 116.0.5845.190
Node.js 18.16.1

New Features

Web Group Styles

The <Group /> component exposed by the @glue42/groups-ui-react library now has a styles property which you can use to supply custom classes and CSS settings for the frame of the Web Group App, as well as for the header and the move area of a tab group:

import Group from "@glue42/groups-ui-react";

const App = () => {
    return (
                frame: {
                        classes:  ["my-frame-class", "my-other-frame-class"],
                        css: {
                            borderWidth: "1px"
                            borderColor: "blue"
                tabs: {
                    header: {
                        classes: ["my-tab-header-class"],
                        css: { backgroundColor: "red" }
                    moveArea: {
                        classes:  ["my-move-area-class"],
                        css: { backgroundColor: "green" }

export default App;

Notifications API

Methods for updating and listening for updates of the data property of a notification have been added to the JavaScript API.

To update the arbitrary data associated with the notification which is available in its data property, use the updateData() method and provide the ID of the notification and the new data:

const id = (await glue.notifications.list())[0].id;
const data = { glue: 42 };

await glue.notifications.updateData(id, data);

To get notified when the notification data property is updated, use the onDataChanged() method:

const handler = data => console.log(`Notification data: ${data}`);

const unsubscribe = glue.notifications.onDataChanged(handler);

Feedback Form

You can now set a transparent background for your custom Feedback App by using the "transparent" property of the "form" object under the "issueReporting" top-level key of the system.json system configuration file of Glue42 Enterprise:

    "issueReporting": {
        "form": {
            "transparent": true

Note that this property will set a transparent background only for the Glue42 Window that contains the Feedback App. To achieve actual transparency, you must also set a transparent background for your app from its styles.

Window Resizing Areas

The "hasSizeAreas" property of the "details" top-level key in the app configuration now works for all Glue42 Window modes. This allows you to add resizing areas even to the Glue42 frameless windows so that the user can resize them manually:

    "name": "My App",
    "type": "window",
    "details": {
        "url": "",
        "mode": "frameless",
        "hasSizeAreas": true

Frameless Window Resizing

By default, "hasSizeAreas" is set to true for flat, tab and HTML windows, and to false for frameless windows.

Remote Metrics Publishers

It's now possible to fetch custom metrics publisher from a remote location. To define a remote metrics publisher, use the "customMetricsPublishers" property under the "gw" top-level key in the system.json system configuration file of Glue42 Enterprise:

    "gw": {
        "configuration": {
            "customMetricsPublishers": [
                    "url": "https://my-metrics-publisher/app/server.js",
                    "timeout": 3000,
                    "metricsConfiguration": {
                        "conflation": {
                            "max-size": 0,
                            "interval": 1000
                        "buffer-size": 10000,
                        "split-size": 1
                    "publisherConfiguration": {
                        "prop": 1

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Upgraded to Electron 26.2.4 (Chromium 116).

  • Workspace shortcuts containing the ?, ;, `, ', [, ] and \ symbols can now be registered.

  • Improved some visual aspects related to Web Groups, notifications and resizing windows.

  • Improved handling of large log files when sending feedback via email.