Glue42 Notification Service


What is a notification?

A notification is an event important enough to be brought to the attention of a user.

A few contextual examples:

  • an alert from an application for an automatic machine restart, or from a metrics monitoring tool for a system running hot;
  • a trade order execution notification from an Order Management System;
  • a workflow task assigned to a user or a group of users that can optionally need a response (e.g., a change of a client address);
  • an activity that is forwarded/re-assigned to a user (e.g., handling a client call);

The Glue42 Notification Service (GNS) is an unopinionated architecture, a set of executables, APIs and specifications for delivering notifications directly to the desktop. It provides:

  • A common data model for normalizing notifications, raised by applications.
  • Consolidation of notifications from multiple backend and desktop servers and their customizable delivery to the user's desktop via the GNS Desktop Manager.
  • Specification for GNS servers for passive (REST) and active (Interop, HTTP Push) publishing of notifications.
  • Interop Publishing API for desktop GNS Servers.
  • A set of GNS Servers:
    • Outlook Mail Interop GNS Server (e.g., public folder messages, but may also be rule-based);
    • Thomson Reuters Eikon News Interop GNS Server;
    • Google Alerts Interop GNS Server;
  • Interop Subscription API for desktop clients/subscribers (typically UIs);
  • UIs for displaying notifications (toasts and lists) with customizable UX via Glue42 Routing;



GNS Architecture