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Floating Toolbar

The source code for the Glue42 Floating Toolbar is available on GitHub. You can use it as a template for creating your own custom toolbar.


The Glue42 Launchpad is available as a React Component on NPM - @glue42/launchpad-ui-react. You can use the component in your own apps and also modify it by passing different options. For more details, see the README file of the @glue42/launchpad-ui-react package.

Custom Toolbar

Once you have implemented a toolbar, you must host it, create an app configuration file for it and add it to your app store. Make sure to set the "shell" top-level key to true:

    "shell": true

Modify the system configuration of Glue42 Enterprise from the system.json file located in %LocalAppData%\Tick42\GlueDesktop\config. Set the "useEmbeddedShell" property to false:

    "useEmbeddedShell": false

Restart Glue42 Enterprise for the changes to take effect.