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Glue42 Core


Glue42 Core is the world's first open source web integration platform. It enables multiple standalone web apps to share data between each other, expose functionality, open and manipulate windows. Glue42 Core is mainly targeted for use with Progressive Web Apps. Combining PWAs with Glue42 Core not only leverages the advantages of PWAs (native-like feel, working offline, enhanced performance, etc.), but incorporates an interoperability layer in your web app ecosystem as well.

Glue42 Core+ includes all free open-source features of Glue42 Core and offers an extensive set of additional features available under a paid license, thus bridging the gap between Glue42 Core and Glue42 Enterprise.

Glue42 Core

A Glue42 Core project consists of a Main app which uses the Glue42 Web Platform library and multiple Web Client apps that use the Glue42 Web library. The Main app acts as a hub through which the user can access all other apps part of the Glue42 Core project while the Web Platform library provides the communication connection between all client apps. The Glue42 Web library provides Glue42 functionality to the client apps through sets of Glue42 APIs.

All apps participating in a Glue42 Core project, including the Main app, can use Glue42 functionalities like App Management, Intents, Shared Contexts, Channels, Interop, Window Management, Workspaces, Notifications and more.

For more details about the available Glue42 functionalities and how to use them, see the Capabilities section of the Glue42 Core documentation.

For more information, see the Glue42 Core product page, the official Glue42 Core documentation and the Glue42 Core GitHub repo.

Glue42 Core+

A Glue42 Core+ project has the same structure as a standard Glue42 Core one, but offers rich additional functionalities enabling you to meet the business needs and requirements of your enterprise-level web projects.

The following diagram shows the features offered by Glue42 Core and Glue42 Core+:

In a licensed Glue42 Core+ project, you can use:

  • Layouts to save and restore multi-monitor app arrangements;
  • Metrics to track performance;
  • Connectors to integrate your web apps with Bloomberg, Fidessa, Excel, Outlook and more;
  • which replaces the need for a Main app and provides many other handy features for your web project
  • automatic FDC3 implementation injection;
  • Glue42 Developer Tools (Interop Viewer, Context Viewer) for tracking the behavior of Interop methods and streams, and shared contexts.

Glue42 Core+ enables you to connect to a Glue42 Server, and even achieve interoperability across different user machines. Customer support is also available under a paid license for Glue42 Core+.

For more details, see the Glue42 Core+ product page and the official Glue42 Core+ documentation.