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Glue42 Desktop

Release date: 31.10.2019

New Features

Added support for custom metrics publishers and Solace.

Added support for saving custom context when saving Swimlane workspaces.

The Glue42 JavaScript library can now be auto injected and auto initialized based on configuration.

Added a JavaScript Popup API.

Added a JavaScript Flydown API.

For Node.js scripts started from Glue42 Enterprise, the Glue42 library can now be initialized without passing a configuration object.

Added support for Windows authentication in Glue42 Enterprise.

You can now move the installation folder of Glue42 Enterprise to another location and run Glue42 Enterprise from wherever you like.

Added zooming support.

.NET Window Management API breaking changes - Glue42 Window settings and Themes settings now available as JSON configuration files.

.NET Layouts API added.

ClickOnce app support added.

New property for resizing window groups added - sizingMode: "Proportional" | "Single".

Application Monitor and Performance Report added to the Glue42 Developer Tools.

The Glue42 .NET library is published to NuGet.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

App store from a REST service - connection improvements.

Improvements in handling windows proportions in maximized groups.

Improvements in layout save and restore.

Fixed WMI spawning multiple processes.

Fixed splash screen not disappearing when invalid configuration is passed on startup.