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Glue42 Desktop

Release date: 19.04.2019

New Features

Interop method for retrieving system information added.

Interop Viewer added.

Added an "About" section in the Glue42 Toolbar.

Support for nested workspaces added.

Added cascade initial window positioning of subsequent instances of the same app.

Added support for importing/exporting Layouts.

Spell check functionality added.

Added a JavaScript method for retrieving workspace IDs.

.NET Channels API added.

Added a Swimlane UI method for opening a workspace and passing a context object to all windows in it, except to Activity ones.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Improvements regarding window configurations in Swimlane UI.

Improvements regarding handling windows and tabs in global layouts.

Improvements regarding behavior of Glue42 enabled EXE apps.

Context Viewer various improvements.

Fixed splash window closing earlier on shutdown.

Fixed missing scroll bar in Context Viewer.

Fixed Channels to be turned off by default.

Fixed disabling spell check per app not working when spell check is globally enabled.

Glue42 Connectors

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Improvements regarding the @glue42/office library.