Data Sharing Between Apps



The Channels are globally accessed named contexts that allow users to dynamically group applications, instructing them to work over the same shared data object. You can assign a Glue42 enabled app to a channel through a Channel Selector on the Glue42 window (the "Client List" app below is assigned to the "Green" channel):

Image of window with a selected channel

When two applications are on the same channel, they share a context data object, which they can monitor and/or update.

Image of two windows in the same channel

Channels are based on Shared Contexts. A context object may contain different types of data, e.g. ids, displayName, etc.:

    "contact": {
        "ids": [
            "systemName": "g42sfId",
            "nativeId": "0031r00002IukOxAAJ"
            "systemName": "",
            "nativeId": "0e23375b-dd4f-456a-b034-98ee879f0eff"
        "displayName": "Nola Rios",
        "name": {
            "lastName": "Rios",
            "firstName": "Nola",
            "otherNames": null,
            "honorific": "Ms.",
            "postNominalLetters": null

Different applications on the same channel can use different parts of the data:

  • The "Client List" app updates the context object with data for the selected user (ids, displayName, etc.).
  • The "Portfolio" app uses the ids to load the portfolio of the client, selected in the "Client List" app by the user. It also updates the shared context object with new values when the user selects different instruments (e.g., the RIC field is updated).