General Overview

Connector Requirements

The Glue42 Connectors require the following 3rd party applications versions:

  • MS Office - MS Office 2010 or above.
  • Bloomberg - a licensed Bloomberg Terminal installed and a valid user logged in.
  • Salesforce - a Salesforce Lightning edition installed.

How the Glue42 Connectors Work

Glue42 Enterprise uses Glue42 messaging to connect applications with each other. Glue42 Enterprise installs a connector add-in for each of the supported applications (MS Office, Bloomberg, Salesforce), which transparently handles the real-time messaging.

Developers can then Glue42 enable web applications to interoperate in real time with the supported 3rd party applications by using the respective Glue42 library (e.g., glue4office.js) and writing only a few lines of code. The Connectors provide all the necessary tools to make this possible.

End users are able to work in whichever UI they prefer and use the supported applications on the desktop as a workspace for various tasks, such as copying, editing and data manipulation. All data is shared between the desktop and web apps in real-time, synchronized in both directions and validated so that a user can click in one application to instantly load data in another. If users want to work in desktop apps but need to store data in web applications, they can do so without having to copy and paste anything between windows.



As a developer, you no longer need to waste time and effort struggling to understand and implement grid components and text editors that clients neither like, nor want to use. You can focus on implementing the things that add value to your business.

  • Download the Glue42 Enterprise trial version from here.

  • See the Getting Started section, explore the Glue42 Concepts and take a look at the Connector Development Guides in this section to start working programmatically with Glue42 Enterprise.

End Users

As an end user, you will continue working with a familiar environment and will not need to learn how to use new and incompatible application UIs. Enjoy the comfort of using all these familiar apps whenever and however you need to.

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  • Download the Glue42 Enterprise trial version from here.