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Glue42 Desktop

Release date: 29.08.2019

New Features

Extended the focusWindow() method in the Swimlane API to work in the context of Activities.

Added new configurable workspace options in the system.json file under swimlane/workspace - allowDrop, allowExtract, actionButtonTooltip, addButtonTooltip.

Added Swimlane API loading strategies for apps in workspaces.

Extracted the splash screen as a separate app, so that it can be replaced.

Implemented download bars for downloading files in Glue42 Enterprise.

Added support for extensions in web apps hosted in Glue42 Enterprise.

Added a REST store for layout configurations.

Reintroduced the ignoreSaveOnClose app configuration property. See the app configuration schema.

Published the Glue42 JavaScript library as NPM packages - @glue42/core and @glue42/desktop.

Exposed an event for closing and refreshing the current window - Window Management.

Added Applications View, accessible from the Glue42 Enterprise tray icon.

Added Java API support for signatures in method definitions and updating contexts.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Fixed not remembering the Glue42 Toolbar position after app restart.

Fixed glue.d.ts file for channels.subscribe().

Fixed registered hotkey appearing in the utility list only after refresh of all apps.

Fixed app configuration problems with the caption and ignoreSavedLayout properties.

Improvements related to the Swimlane UI - frame closing, workspace restore, global search, handling active/inactive displays after a restore.