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Glue42 Desktop

Release date: 20.05.2022

Components Version
Electron 17.4.4
Chromium 98.0.4758.141
Node.js 16.13.0

New Features

Web Groups

Added an experimental web-based implementation of the Glue42 Window groups - Glue42 web groups, which are entirely customizable with the help of the @glue42/groups-ui-react library.

The default group implementation in Glue42 Enterprise, the Glue42 classic groups, is based on WPF components. To try out and experiment with the Glue42 web groups, set the "groupType" property in the stickywindows.json configuration file to "Web":

// The default value is `"Classic"`.
    "groupType": "Web"

See below an example of a Web Group App with the following customized elements:

Custom Web Group App

Note that the web-based implementation of the Glue42 Window groups is still an experimental feature and some inconsistencies in functionality and UI may be present.

Frameless Windows

Added a new Glue42 Window type - frameless window. Frameless windows allow for creating apps with non-standard, freeform shapes.

Frameless Window

Configuring a frameless window:

    "icon": "",
    "type": "window",
        "mode": "frameless",
        "width": 400,
        "height": 400

The new frameless window type also allows you to customize the splash screen of Glue42 Enterprise with transparent areas or use irregular shapes for it.

Jump List

Added a jump list to the taskbar icon context menu of Glue42 enabled apps. The jump list contains a categorized list with predefined actions that can be configured globally and per app. Currently, only an action for centering apps on the primary screen is supported:

Jump List

Default jump list system configuration:

    "windows": {
        "jumpList": {
            "enabled": true,
            "categories": [
                    "title": "System",
                    "actions": [
                            "type": "centerScreen",
                            "singleInstanceTitle": "Center on Primary Screen",
                            "multiInstanceTitle": "Center all on Primary Screen"

Java API Window Events

Added new Glue42 Window events for the Java API. You can now subscribe for changes to the window title, bounds, visibility and focus.

Preload Scripts

Preload scripts can now be defined globally in the system.json file of Glue42 Enterprise:

    "windows": {
        "preloadScripts": [

C Exports Library

Added documentation about the Glue42 C Exports library which offers access for native apps to Glue42 functionalities via exported C functions:

Testing with Playwright

Added documentation about testing with Playwright. Playwright allows you to create end-to-end automation tests for Glue42 Enterprise and your Glue42 enabled apps.

Renderer Transparency Mode

Added documentation about the settings for the renderer transparency mode. These settings allow you to specify how to handle the transparency of the HTML elements that determine the bounds of app windows in Glue42 Window groups and Workspaces.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Upgraded to Electron 17 (Chromium 98).

  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.