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Glue42 Desktop

Release date: 21.02.2022

Components Version
Electron 16.0.8
Chromium 96.0.4664.110
Node.js 16.9.1

Breaking Changes

Process Reuse

Due to upgrading to Electron 16 (Chromium 96), the Process Reuse feature is no longer supported.

New Features


New functionalities and API features of Workspaces.

Empty Frame

It is now possible to open an empty frame and initializing it with Workspace Layouts programmatically.

Pinning & Unpinning

It is now possible to pin and unpin Workspaces programmatically.

Pinned Workspace with a custom icon:

Pinned Workspace


It is now possible to control the focus of a newly created Workspace.

Tab Position

It is now possible to define the position of a Workspace tab.

Using Glue42 APIs in the Frame

Added documentation for the specifics of using Glue42 APIs from a Workspaces App.


Web apps can now manipulate cookies for the default web session.

Global Protocol Handler

The name of the Glue42 global protocol handler is now configurable.

Use the "protocol" property of the "protocolHandler" top-level key in the system.json file:

    "protocolHandler": {
        "protocol": "mycustomprotocol"

Using the custom protocol name to start a Glue42 enabled app:


Electron Apps

Third-party Electron apps can now participate in Glue42 using the @glue42/electron library.

Node.js Versions

Added support for multiple Node.js versions for Node.js apps.

Use the "nodeVersion" property of the "details" top-level key in the app configuration to specify a Node.js version:

    "details": {
        "nodeVersion": "16.13.2"

Remote Node.js Apps

Added support for remote Node.js apps.

Use the "remote" property of the "details" top-level key in the app configuration:

    "details": {
        "remote": {
            "url": "http://localhost:8080/bundled.js",
            "noCache": true

Preventing Shutdown & Restart

Shutdown and restart of Glue42 Enterprise can now be prevented programmatically.

// Preventing restart or shutdown.
const handler = async () => { return { prevent: true } };


Bypassing App Default Layout

Using SHIFT + CLICK to start an app from the Glue42 Toolbar will bypass the last saved App Default Layout and will open the app window with the bounds specified in its configuration file.

Publishing Metrics with Kafka

Added documentation for publishing metrics with Kafka.

Delphi Documentation

Added Delphi documentation:

Blazor Documentation

Added Blazor documentation.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Upgraded to Electron 16 (Chromium 96).

  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.