Data Sharing Between Apps



The Interop API enables applications to:

  • offer functionality to other applications (JavaScript and native executables) by registering Interop methods
  • discover applications which offer methods
  • invoke (call) methods on the user's desktop and across the network
  • stream and subscribe to real-time data using the Streaming API.

We call applications which offer methods and streams Interop servers, and applications which consume them - Interop clients, and collectively - Interop instances.

Interop instances

Any running instance of an Interop application is identified by its Interop instance, which is a set of known key/value pairs uniquely identifying an application:

Environment and region are used to qualify an instance. Usually region is a geographical location and environment refers to the deployment model (development or production).

Key Example (Value) Description
application Client Portfolio Application name
region TICK42 e.g. EMEA, NA, APAC
environment TRAINING e.g. DEV, SIT, UAT, PROD
service null Optional namespace with a region and environment
machine Lambda User machine name
PID 2864 Process ID
user JSmith Currently logged on user