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Glue42 Desktop

Release date: 28.07.2023

Components Version
Electron 25.2.1
Chromium 114.0.5735.199
Node.js 18.15.0

New Features

Workspaces API

New methods for handling Workspace hibernation and resuming events are available both on top-level of the API and on the Workspace object.

To get notified when any Workspace is being hibernated or resumed, use the onWorkspaceHibernated() and onWorkspaceResumed() methods on top level of the API:

await glue.workspaces.onWorkspaceHibernated(w => console.log(`Workspace with ID "${}" is hibernated.`));

await glue.workspaces.onWorkspaceResumed(w => console.log(`Workspace with ID "${}" is resumed.`));

To get notified when a specific Workspace is being hibernated or resumed, use the onHibernated() and onResumed() methods of a Workspace instance:

myWorkspace.onHibernated(() => console.log("This Workspace is hibernated."));

myWorkspace.onResumed(() => console.log("This Workspace is resumed."));

Notifications API

The Notifications API has been extended with new methods for listing, clearing, clicking and changing the state of notifications:

// Retrieve a list of objects describing all available notifications.
const allNotifications = await glue.notifications.list();

// Clear all notifications.
await glue.notifications.clearAll();

// Clear all notifications seen by the user in the Notification Panel.
await glue.notifications.clearOld();

// Clear a specific notification by providing its ID.
await glue.notifications.clear(;

// Click a notification or a notification action programmatically.
await, "openClientPortfolio");

// Set the state of a notification.
await glue.notifications.setState(, "Acknowledged");

To retrieve the current global notification settings, use the getConfiguration() method:

const config = await glue.notifications.getConfiguration();

You can also subscribe for various notification events or Notification Panel events:

// Subscribing for raised notifications.
glue.notifications.onRaised(notification => console.log(`Notification with ID "${}" was raised.`));

// Subscribing for Notification Panel visibility changes.
glue.notifications.panel.onVisibilityChanged(isVisible => console.log(`The Notification Panel is ${isVisible ? "visible": "hidden"}.`));


Single Input Dialog

The "SingleInputDialog" type of predefined dialog is now available for creating dialogs which expect user input:

const myDialog = {
    type: "SingleInputDialog",
    title: "Email Required",
    message: "Please, provide your email address:",
    inputPlaceholder: "",
    inputPattern: "[a-z0-9]",
    inputPatternErrorMessage: "Invalid email address!",
    size: { height: 220 }

await myWindow.showDialog(myDialog);

Single Input Dialog


You can now add a timer to your custom dialogs to automatically close them when the specified time elapses. The timer can be visible or hidden for the user:

const myDialog = {
    type: "MyCustomDialog",
    title: "Custom Title",
    message: "Custom Message",
    showTimer: true,
    timerDuration: 10,
    size: { height: 180 },
    showAffirmativeButton: true,
    affirmativeButtonName: "Confirm"

await myWindow.showDialog(myDialog);

Dialog with Timer

Aligning Windows in Groups

To align grouped windows manually in height or width, double click on the window border if you want to increase the window height or width, or hold ALT and double-click if you want to decrease it:

Aligning Windows

Preventing Window Snap & Drop

To prevent windows from snapping to other windows or dropping them in a window group while dragging them, hold ALT. The following demonstrates the user dragging a window over a window group. When the user holds ALT, the highlighted areas disappear and the window can be placed at any position on the screen without it snapping to other windows or being dropped in the window group:

Preventing Snap & Drop

This also works for preventing apps from dropping in a Workspace:

Preventing App Drop

Authentication Info

Apps can now be allowed to retrieve authentication information in order to enhance the SSO flow when authentication is needed for additional services.

To allow apps to retrieve authentication information, use the "allowAuthInfo" property of the "details" top-level key of the app configuration:

    "details": {
        "allowAuthInfo": true

To retrieve the authentication information at runtime, use the getAuth() method of the glue42gd object attached to the global window object:

const authInfo = await glue42gd.getAuth();

Splash Transparency

To make the background of the splash screen transparent, use the "transparent" property of the "splash" top-level key in the system.json system configuration file of Glue42 Enterprise:

    "splash": {
        "transparent": true

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Upgraded to Electron 25.2.1 (Chromium 114).

  • Improved styling and handling of long texts in dialogs.

  • Improved error handling when Workspaces Frames or window groups try creating child windows at runtime.

  • Improved method behavior when updating Shared Contexts with object data.

  • Improved event handling for zoom factor changes.

  • Fixed a bug related to resizing windows and Workspace Frames.

  • Fixed a bug related to removing Channels for apps in Workspaces.