Glue42 Windows

Glue42 Windows Configuration

The global behavior of Glue42 Windows in Glue42 Enterprise is configured via the stickywindows.json configuration file located in the %LocalAppData%\Tick42\GlueDesktop\config folder. Some of the configurable properties are explained below. For more details, see the Glue42 Windows configuration schema.

Note that some properties in the stickywindows.json may be overridden by properties defined in the application configuration file of your app.

Glue42 Window Properties

Sticky Button

To show the Sticky button on all Glue42 Windows:

"showStickyButton": true

Sticky button

Edge Distance

Configure the distance between the edges of neighboring Glue42 Windows:

// Constrained to values between `1-9`.
"edgeDistance": 9

Edge Distance

Group Caption

Hide or show the group caption:

"hideGroupCaption": false

Group Caption

Resizing with Windows Gestures

Configure the resize behavior of Glue42 Windows in a group when resizing the group with Windows gestures. Some Glue42 Windows may have size restrictions in their configuration - e.g., "maxWidth": 200. Specify whether the rest of the windows in the group should stay relative in size to the restricted windows or should fill the rest of the space. In the examples below, the "Client List" application has a width restriction of 400 px:

"groupMaximizedMode": "Proportional"


"groupMaximizedMode": "Fill"


Resizing Windows in a Group

Configure the resize behavior when resizing Glue42 Windows within a group by dragging an inner border:

"sizingMode": "Proportional"

Proportional Sizing

"sizingMode": "Single"

Note that when using "sizingMode": "Single", the borderSize, frameThickness and singleFrameThickness theme properties must not be set to 0, otherwise you will not be able to resize or stick the Glue42 Windows properly.

Proportional Sizing

Tab Header Buttons

Keep buttons on tab windows always visible or show them only on hover:

"tabs": { 
    "buttonsAlwaysVisible": false 

Proportional Sizing

Flat When Single

Show tab windows as flat windows (without a tab header) when they are single:

"tabs": { 
    "flatWhenSingle": true 

Flat When Single