Data Sharing Between Apps

Shared Contexts


Opening or Creating a Context

Define a GlueContextManager instance and set its value using the GetGlueContext method passing the name of a context as an argument. Use the Open method of the GlueContextManager instance to open the selected context. If a context with the specified name does not exist, it will be automatically created.

Below is an example of a subroutine opening a context:

Dim WithEvents MyContext As GlueContextManager

Private Sub OpenContext()
    On Error GoTo HandleErrors

    Set MyContext = Glue.GetGlueContext("MyContext")
    Exit Sub

    ' Handle exceptions.

End Sub

Note that when you declare a GlueContextManager instance with WithEvents, your application is automatically subscribed for the events exposed by GlueContextManager and you must provide implementations for handling these events.

Subscribing for Context Updates

To subscribe for context updates, use the HandleContextUpdate event exposed by the GlueContextManager instance. Its handler is executed when the context data has been updated.

Below is an example of a context update handler:

Private Sub MyContext_HandleContextUpdate(ByVal contextUpdate As IGlueContextUpdate)

    Dim context As GlueContextManager
    Set context = contextUpdate.GetContext

    Dim ContextName as String
    ContextName = context.GetContextInfo.Name

    Dim Data
    Set Data = context.GetReflectData("")
    ' Examine the updated data.

    On Error GoTo HandleErrors
    Exit Sub

    ' Handle exceptions.

End Sub

Updating a Context

Use the SetValue method of the GlueContextManager instance to update the context data:

' Create a root composite value and add data in it.
Dim Data
Set Data = Glue.CreateGlueValues

Dim variantArray(0 To 1) As Variant
variantArray(0) = 1
variantArray(1) = "textValue"
Data("myTuple") = variantArray

' Updating a context.
MyContext.SetValue "data", Data

Listing All Available Contexts

To get a list of all available contexts, use the GetKnownContexts method:

Dim AllContexts() as GlueContext

AllContexts = Glue.GetKnownContexts()