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Bloomberg Connector


Available since Glue42 Enterprise 3.9

The Glue42 BBG Market Data API provides access to the Bloomberg Market Data service. Real-time and delayed streaming market data and static reference data for securities and security fields can be retrieved via subscription or request/response mechanisms.

The demo app below sends an Instrument List request to a Bloomberg service with a query parameter "VOD" and the results are limited to 5:

BBG Market Data

See the BBG Market Data example on GitHub which demonstrates using the @glue42/bbg-market-data library.

See the BBG Connector Mock on GitHub which returns sample data in response to client requests. Use this example to write end-to-end tests for your apps without the need for a real Bloomberg Terminal, and to see how to implement your own Interop methods for creating data requests and controlling the data returned in your tests.

For more in-depth information on the Bloomberg API, see the Bloomberg API documentation.