Data Sharing Between Apps



An activity is a collection of windows organized in a layout and sharing a private context. Here is an example of an activity consisting of four windows:

Example Activity

Activities are usually registered as components in the application configuration and can be instantiated either as applications from the toolbar, or programmatically - on demand.

Activities Terms Definitions

An activity type is a definition template for an activity, consisting of a collection of window types, their layout and an initial activity context.

A window type is a definition of a window, typically configured in the application configuration settings. However, the Activities API allows for an application to dynamically define both - window types and activity types - at runtime.

An activity context is an object containing a set of key/value pairs which hold the current state of an activity - e.g., the currently selected party, instrument, order, etc.

An activity instance is an instance of an activity type, just like an object is an instance of a class in class-based languages (like "John" is an instance of a "Person"). "Activity" is often used as a synonym for activity instance.

The Activities API enables:

  • the definition of window types and activity types (collection of window types, layout and an initial context);
  • starting an activity instance of a specific activity type;
  • reacting to activity events from an activity-aware window, such as joining and leaving an activity;
  • application state synchronization via activity context management functions;
  • intra-activity application collaboration via activity Interop extension functions;