What is Glue42 Enterprise?


Installation and Setup

Glue42 Enterprise can be set up in two ways, depending on where the Glue42 Gateway is hosted. The core product is installed locally, while the Glue42 Gateway can be installed either locally or remotely.

Single User Single Machine Setup

The single machine setup is when both the Core product and the Glue42 Gateway are installed locally on the user's desktop.

Single Machine

Single User Multi-Machine Setup

Glue42 Enterprise can be deployed on multiple physical machines of a single user and the Gateways on the differrent machines can be configured to discover one another and talk to each other.


Multi-User Setup

Glue42 Enterprise can also be deployed in another way - the Core product is installed locally, but the Glue42 Gateway is hosted centrally: on an on-premise server or on a remote server (cloud service).

Desktop Server Model


We work directly with our clients in order to establish a post-installation update process and deliver the respective product updates.

We also provide periodic public releases of trial versions of Glue42 Enterprise which include the latest feature updates and additions.