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Use Glue42 Enterprise

Welcome to Glue42 Enterprise!

Glue42 Enterprise is an application integration platform which brings order and efficiency to the business desktop. Our product helps you declutter your workspace and make the most use of the precious desktop real estate when your daily workflow requires you to use multiple applications. Glue42 Enterprise allows developers to integrate the applications you need not only at a UI level, providing you with the look and feel of a single app, but also at a functional level - enabling applications to interoperate by communicating with each other. This effectively means that you no longer need to copy-paste your way through several applications multiple times a day just to get the information you need - Glue42 Enterprise reduces this tiresome and time consuming process to just a single click! What is more, this works for legacy and modern desktop or web apps, and for apps using different technologies - JavaScript, Java, .NET, Node.js, Angular, React, etc.

In the following sections you will get to know Glue42 Enterprise by using our trial demo edition. If you have not already done so, download the trial installer from here and see the How to Install section. Keep in mind that all functionalities and UIs of Glue42 Enterprise can be fully redesigned and customized to suit your specific needs and requirements.

The Glue42 Toolbar

The Glue42 Toolbar is a customizable application which acts as an application hub and offers useful shortcuts and functionalities. From here, you can start your Glue42 enabled apps, save and restore workspace layouts, search, see notifications, customize settings and shutdown Glue42 Enterprise. The demo comes with built-in apps which you can use to explore the different Glue42 Enterprise functionalities.

Glue42 Toolbar

Window Management

Glue42 Enterprise offers you an extremely flexible way of arranging all your Glue42 enabled apps on your desktop:

  • Stick or unstick windows together to make them move, resize or close together.
  • Organize your applications in tab groups.
  • Drag tab windows or tab groups directly into other tab windows or tab groups.
  • Tear out tabs as independent windows.
  • Move and resize windows or window groups.
  • Maximize, minimize and collapse windows or window groups.

Window Management

Swimlane UI

The Swimlane UI application offers advanced window management options for more effective organization of the business desktop. You can create Swimlane workspaces with varying number of horizontal or vertical lanes, which you can fill with your preferred apps.

  • Apps can be organized as tabs in tab groups.
  • A Swimlane can be split between several apps.
  • Drag and drop apps between lanes if you need a different arrangement.
  • Apps can be torn out of the Swimlane workspace as independent windows.
  • Drag the Swimlane borders to resize the lanes or the apps inside.
  • Apps can enter tile mode when they become too small.
  • Each app can be expanded to fill the entire workspace for better viewing and can then be restored to its previous size at the click of a button.
  • You can have several Swimlanes simultaneously, with different app content and arrangement.
  • Workspaces can be saved and later restored with the exact same app arrangement and/or context inside.

Swimlane UI

Application Data Synchronization

Glue42 Enterprise brings not only UI integration, but even more importantly - application integration on a functional level. By being able to communicate with each other, your apps will not only look as one unified macro application but will start working together as components of a single system as well. Glue42 Enterprise offers the developers several different approaches to sharing data between apps, which guarantees flexibility in finding and implementing swift and reliable development solutions for your apps.

In the example below, apps communicate and synchronize cross-application data between one another by using the Glue42 Channels:


In the next example, we are using a Glue42 Activity. This is a predefined collection of applications organized in a layout and sharing a private context to communicate with each other:


Global Layouts

When you set up the apps on your desktop the way you like them, or when you arrange a set of apps and/or workspaces needed for a specific task, you can save this layout and later restore it when you need to use it again. All your apps will be restored with the same position, size and state on the desktop. What's more, you can mark a saved layout as a default global layout and it will be restored upon startup of Glue42 Enterprise:

Global Layout

Glue42 Connectors

Glue42 Enterprise has Connectors for 3rd party applications like MS Office, Bloomberg, Salesforce, Fidessa etc. The Glue42 Connectors allow you to continue using all applications with which you are already familiar and comfortable.

Below you can see how convenient and easy it is to open an email template in Outlook, pre-filled with relevant client information, or to open a client's portfolio in an Excel sheet at the click of a button:


The Glue42 Bloomberg Connector enables the interaction between the Bloomberg components and the Glue42 enabled apps. One of the features of the BBG Connector is the synchronization between the Bloomberg groups and the Glue42 Channels. As you can see below, when a financial instrument is updated in BBG Components or in the Glue42 enabled apps that are on the same Channel, the change is reflected in all other components/apps on that Channel:



The Glue42 Notifications Service receives notifications from all defined notification sources and delivers them directly to your desktop via a notifications UI. The notifications can contain buttons with prioritized actions, which allows you to respond quickly and accordingly by opening the necessary applications with a single click.

You can use the demo GNS Action Tester to explore the notifications UI:


Global Search

The Glue42 Enterprise global search enables you to search through multiple search providers (applications, backend services, etc.), providing you almost instantly with the necessary information. This saves you the time and trouble of performing multiple searches in different apps until you finally find what you need.



From the "Settings" button in the Glue42 Toolbar dropdown menu you can change the theme of Glue42 Enterprise. Themes can be customized and new themes can be added. Applications can be easily instrumented to track the current theme, which will integrate visually your Glue42 enabled applications and further enhance the perception that all your different apps are part of a single enterprise program.


Platform Features

Glue42 Enterprise offers a variety of other features, like a Logger API, extensible installer, adding extensions to web apps, Hotkeys, support for Flash, zooming, downloading files and more.

Below you can see some of the Glue42 Platform Features.


Applications can register Hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) that perform certain actions. You can see all registered Hotkeys from the "Hotkeys" menu item of the Glue42 Enterprise tray icon:



Glue42 Enterprise supports window zooming through standard keyboard shortcuts ("CTRL + =" for zooming in, "CTRL + -" for zooming out and "CTRL + 0" for restoring the window to the default zoom factor) or by using the "CTRL" key and the mouse wheel:


Downloading Files

You can also download files from the web in Glue42 Windows:


Applications View

From the Glue42 Enterprise tray icon you can access a general overview of all running hidden or visible applications. Right click on the tray icon and select "Applications" from the menu.

Applications View

Column Description
APPLICATION The application name.
PID The process ID.
MEMORY The process memory consumption. The memory consumption value displayed for apps with the same PID will be the same and will be an aggregate of the consumed memory by all apps within that process.
AFFINITY Configurable application process grouping within Glue42 Enterprise.
TYPE The type of the application - window, exe or node
WINDOW ID The window ID within Glue42 Enterprise.
VISIBLE Whether the application is visible or hidden.
ACTIONS From this column you can bring the application window on focus, open the Dev Tools for the window or close the application.

Keep Learning

This section and the trial demo reveal only a very basic portion of the Glue42 Enterprise platform capabilities. As already stated, all functionalities and UIs of our product can be entirely customized according to your specifications. Glue42 Enterprise's highly customizable visual and functional features allow for outstanding tailored enterprise solutions, completely fulfilling your business needs and requirements.

For more information, visit our official site or explore the Glue42 Concepts in our documentation.

Contact us at to request a tailored demo or to discuss the Glue42 Enterprise platform and how it can benefit you and your business processes!