How to...

Use Glue42 Features in Your App


Offer existing functionality to other apps

  • Interop - offer functionality to other apps; discover apps offering functionality; publish and subscribe to data streams;

  • Pub/Sub - raw pub/sub support for applications already using a pub/sub technology;

Share data between apps

  • Shared Contexts - named objects, storing cross-application data;

  • Channels - named contexts, allowing users to dynamically group and instruct applications to work together;

  • Activities - create a collection of apps, sharing a private context, organized in a layout;

Manage your Glue42 enabled applications

  • Glue42 Toolbar - use the Glue42 Toolbar app as an application hub;
  • Applications - manage your applications and application instances;

Advanced Window Management

  • Swimlane UI - fully customizable Glue42 Enterprise app for hosting Glue42 enabled apps, organized into Swimlane workspaces;

  • Window Management - create and manipulate windows;

  • Layouts - save the arrangement of any set of Glue42 enabled apps and restore it later;


  • Notifications - normalize, consolidate and deliver notifications directly to the desktop;


Track the user journey, gather user experience and app performance info

  • Metrics - gather extensive metrics describing the user journey;

Integrate 3rd Applications (MS Office, Bloomberg, Salesforce)

  • Connectors - take advantage of the functionalities offered by 3rd party applications like Excel, Outlook, Bloomberg Terminal, Salesforce Lightning, etc.