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Glue42 Enable Your App


The Glux Library

The Glux package is an opinionated library providing Redux bindings for the Glue42 JavaScript library. With Glux you can start using Glue42 features in your ReactJS/Redux apps.

Glux is available as an npm package, which requires the Glue42 JavaScript and Redux libraries installed. To install the packages, navigate to the root directory of your project and run:

npm install --save @glue42/glux @glue42/desktop redux

Your package.json file should now have entries similar to these:

  "dependencies": {
    "@glue42/desktop": "^4.5.7",
    "@glue42/glux": "0.0.1-alpha.1",
    "redux": "^4.0.4"

Keep in mind that the versions of the dependencies will probably be different from the example here due to newer package releases.

Adding the Glux Reducer

Add the Glux reducer to your root reducer. Note that the key used for the Glux reducer must be named glue:

// reducers.js

import { createStore, combineReducers } from "redux";
import { glueReducer } from "@glue42/glux";

export const createRootReducer = () =>
    glue: glueReducer   // this key MUST be named "glue"

Adding the Glux Middleware

To apply the Glux middleware, call the glueMiddleware() factory function with a Glue42 configuration object:

// configureStore.js

import { applyMiddleware, createStore } from "redux"
import { glueMiddleware } from "@glue42/glux"
import { createRootReducer } from "./reducers"

// Glue42 configuration object
const glueConfig = {
    appManager: "full",
    windows: true,
    logger: true

const middlewares = [
    // this is where the Glue42 library is initialized

export const configureStore = (initialState) {
    const store = createStore(

    return store

Usage Example

Now you can start using Glue42 idiomatically in the context of ReactJS and Redux via selectors and actions:

import { actions, selectors} from "@glue42/glux";

const Applications = ({ startApplication, applications }) => (
    { => (
            <td> {} </td>
                <button onClick={() => {startApplication(application)}}>

export default connect(
    state => ({
        applications: selectors.getApplications(state)
    dispatch => ({ ...bindActionCreators(actions, dispatch) })