Getting Started

Quick Start


This guide will show you how to easily create, setup and run a simple Glue42 Core project.

  1. Install the Glue42 CLI globally with npm:
npm install --global @glue42/cli-core
  1. Create a root project directory with basic index.html and index.js files in it and reference the index.js file in the index.html file with a <script> tag.

Your project directory should look like something this:


Your index.html should contain this:

<script src="index.js"></script>
  1. Open a terminal inside the root directory and initiate Glue42 Core:
gluec init

This will install the project dependencies and setup the necessary configuration files.

  1. In your index.html file, reference the latest Glue42 Web library module from UNPKG:
<script src=""></script>
<script src="./index.js"></script>
  1. Go to your index.js file and declare a simple initialization function like the one below:
const init = async () => {
    const glue = await window.GlueWeb();
    console.log(`Glue42 initialized successfully! Glue42 version: ${glue.version}`);

  1. Configure the Glue42 CLI to serve your application. Open the file, located in the root project directory, and modify its server.apps property to look like this:
    "glueAssets": ...,
    "server": {
        "settings": ...,
        "apps": [
                "route": "/",
                "file": {
                    "path": "./"
        "sharedAssets": []
  1. Launch your app:

From the opened terminal in the root project directory, run:

gluec serve

Now your app will be served at http://localhost:4242 and if you open its console, you will see the printed message for successful initialization of Glue42.

Next Steps

Congratulations, you now have your very first Glue42 Core app!

For deploying your project, see the Project Deployment section.

For more information on setting up the Glue42 Environment, see the Glue42 Environment: Setup section.

For a more detailed instructions on how to set up your JavaScript or React app, see the JavaScript and React guides on setting up a Glue42 Client.

For more information on the Glue42 Web library, see the Reference section.