Getting Started

Project Deployment


In the Quick Start section you learned how to quickly set up the Glue42 Environment files and create a basic Glue42 Client app using the Glue42 CLI. Here you will see how to bundle all necessary Glue42 Core files ready for deployment using the Glue42 CLI.

If you have decided to set up your project manually, you should already be familiar with the locations of the files you need (see Glue42 Environment: Manual Setup).


To bundle all necessary Glue42 Core files for deployment, use the Glue42 CLI and run:

gluec build

This command will gather the Glue42 Core assets from the locations defined in the (or from the default locations) and will produce a /glue directory at the root level of your project directory. All necessary Glue42 Core files will be inside this directory ready for deployment on a production server.

Note that, by default, a Glue42 Client will expect all Glue42 Environment files (with their default names) to be located at /glue. If you need to change the expected names and locations, see the Glue42 Client: Custom Configuration and the Glue42 Environment: Configuration File sections.